Unlocking the Secrets of the Psoas Muscle with Dr. Jacob Seng: A Deep Dive into Physical and Emotional Health in the Digital Age

In a fascinating segment today, Chris and Janel welcomed Dr. Jacob Seng from NorthStar Chiropractic to shed light on a lesser-known, yet crucial aspect of our physical and emotional well-being – the psoas muscle. While the term might twist your tongue, its significance in our body’s health is undeniable, especially in today’s digital era.

Dr. Seng, an expert in chiropractic care, delved into how the psoas muscle plays a pivotal role in back pain, a common ailment in our increasingly sedentary lifestyle. This deep-seated muscle, stretching from the lower lumbar region of the spine to the femur, is critical in various bodily movements, including walking and standing upright.

However, with the rise of digital technology and prolonged periods of sitting, the psoas muscle often becomes tight and shortened, leading to discomfort and pain. Dr. Seng emphasized that this issue is not just physical; it also intertwines with our emotional health. The psoas muscle is sometimes referred to as the ‘muscle of the soul,’ connecting physical sensations with emotional states.

The discussion was an eye-opener for many listeners, highlighting the importance of understanding our bodies in the context of modern life’s demands. Dr. Seng’s expertise brought to light the need for regular movement and specific exercises to maintain the health and flexibility of the psoas muscle.

Through their show, Chris and Janel continue to explore topics that resonate with their listeners, combining entertainment with practical advice and professional insights, as seen in their latest segment with Dr. Seng from NorthStar Chiropractic.