Drew Baldridge Debuts Dual Versions of ‘She’s Somebody’s Daughter’ on 99.9 and 102.7 WMOM in a Radio First

Country music sensation Drew Baldridge graced the airwaves this morning in a unique radio event. For the first time, two different versions of the same song by the same artist were simultaneously added to the music rotations of two different stations: 99.9 and 102.7 WMOM. The song in question is Baldridge’s hit, “She’s Somebody’s Daughter.”

This touching country ballad has been labeled the wedding song of 2023. It’s a heartfelt narrative from the perspective of a husband about his wife and her father, resonating deeply with listeners. Baldridge’s inspiration for the song came from his personal experience meeting his wife, Katie’s father for the first time, realizing the profound importance of cherishing and protecting her heart, as it is held dear by many others.

Notably, “She’s Somebody’s Daughter” has garnered immense popularity, reaching several hundred million plays across various platforms. This feat is particularly significant for Baldridge, whose other country hits include “Rebound,” “Senior Year,” and “Guns and Roses.” However, none have achieved the organic and widespread acclaim quite like this latest release.

Baldridge’s journey with this song has been full of surprises, including spontaneous appearances at weddings to perform the song, much to the delight of numerous brides. His natural ability to connect with his audience through his music has marked him as a rising star in Nashville’s country music scene.

Today’s radio event highlights the growing impact of Drew Baldridge in the country music world and the unique connection he fosters with his fans through his music. As listeners tuned in to 99.9 and 102.7 WMOM, they experienced the magic of “She’s Somebody’s Daughter” in a rare and special presentation, further solidifying Baldridge’s place in the hearts of country music lovers​