Melissa Reed Brings a Wealth of Experience to 3rd Ward Council Race in Ludington

LUDINGTON, MI – In an insightful morning interview on 102.7 WMOM and Hot Country Hits 99.9, Melissa Reed, one of the five candidates for the City of Ludington’s 3rd Ward Council seat, articulated her vision for the city’s future. Reed’s extensive background in community service and business management positions her as a formidable contender for the position that may be decided at tonight’s special council meeting.

Melissa Reed’s comprehensive service record includes significant roles such as serving on the City of Ludington Planning Commission and as a past President of the Rotary Club of Ludington. Her involvement in the Chamber Alliance of Mason County and as an administrator for Ludington Cares reflects her deep commitment to the community. Reed has also demonstrated her leadership skills as the past Chair of the West Michigan Chamber Network and past President of the Massachusetts Association of Membership Development.

Her experience extends beyond community roles to substantial business management. Reed is the Managing Partner of Patterson Homes, a firm specializing in renovating distressed residential properties in Mason County. Additionally, she founded a retail store in downtown Ludington in 2015, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit and understanding of local business dynamics.

Reed’s vision for Ludington includes leveraging her comprehensive experience to address sensitive and complex city issues, passionately representing the 3rd Ward’s interests, and establishing a strong rapport with public, City Council, and stakeholders. Her ability to apply professional and thorough attention to challenges and opportunities aligns with the city’s needs for growth and development.

The special council meeting tonight will not only determine the new 3rd Ward Councilor but will also serve as a platform for candidates like Melissa Reed to share their aspirations for contributing to the city’s prosperity. With a strong foundation in both community service and business, Reed’s candidacy promises to bring a well-rounded perspective to the City Council.