Tom Rotta Advocates for Transparency and Accountability in Bid for Ludington’s 3rd Ward Council Seat

LUDINGTON, MI – Tom Rotta, one of the five candidates for Ludington’s 3rd Ward council seat, appeared on 102.7 WMOM and Hot Country Hits 99.9 to discuss his platform for the upcoming special council meeting. Rotta, a seasoned community contributor with a diverse professional background, is aiming for a position that could be determined as early as tonight.

With a Master’s degree in Mathematics from Michigan State University, Rotta’s professional history spans various roles, including a firewood vendor, alternative media provider with the Ludington Torch, and a local census worker. His service as a firefighter for the City of Ludington and experience as a substitute teacher across Mason and Oceana County schools showcase his multifaceted skill set.

Rotta’s resume includes significant academic contributions as an Associate Professor of Math at West Shore Community College, further exemplifying his commitment to local education. As an apartment manager, he honed skills in managing residential complexes, which could translate well into understanding city development and housing needs. His earlier role as a Seasonal Park Ranger at Ludington State Park reflects his connection to the city’s natural resources and recreational services.

In his public letter of interest, Rotta emphasizes his achievements in local governance, highlighting his efforts in making local administrations more transparent and accountable. He has been a vocal advocate for public involvement in civic processes, an attribute he plans to bring to the council if elected.

Tom Rotta’s candidacy stands on a foundation of advocating for due process, battling cronyism, and striving for a city council that is reformed, transparent, and accountable. As Ludington faces the task of filling the 3rd Ward Council seat, Rotta’s unique blend of education, hands-on community service, and unwavering commitment to local government reform presents a compelling choice for the voters and current council members.